30° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna HG3-TP-A20-30
Horn Antennas
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RF Elements 30° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna HG3-TP-A20-30

Brand: RF Elements
Model: HG3-TP-A20-30
EAN/UPC: 0708747437768
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Game Changing Sector Antennas

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas provide asymmetrical beam shape and game-changing TwistPortTM (TP) connector. Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas provide excellent noise rejection, network scalability and throughput increase. Providing specific beam shape, increased antenna gain and excellent noise rejection, Asymmetrical Horn TP antennas complement the successful Symmetrical Horn Antennas.


Unique Asymmetrical Beam

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas have unique beam shape. The beam cross-section in bore sight is elliptical: wide in azimuth and narrow in elevation plane. This is useful for deployments where where asymmetrical beam shape delivers better coverage. 


BeamSwitchTM for HG3-TP-A20-30

BeamSwitchTM feature enables mounting the antenna with 90 degrees rotation by swapping the position of the handle and the bracket. HG3-TP-A20-30 can thus provide 20 degrees azimuth and 30 degrees elevation beam width.


No Side Lobes

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas have naturally depressed side lobes: they focus energy into single main beam. Absence of side lobes enables excellent noise immunity of Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas.

Wide Band Performance


The radiation pattern of Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas is stable over the whole frequency range.


Balanced H + V Beams

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas have balanced Horizontal and Vertical beam patterns. Balanced H+V beams are very difficult to achieve for antenna with asymmetrical beam shape and this is the area where all competitive products on the market fail. Balanced H+V beams are critical feature for link performance.


Perfect Coverage Pattern

Mainstream patch array sector antennas have radiation pattern extremely wide in azimuth and extremely flat in elevation plane. If an AP is deployed on a tall tower, customers near the tower suffer from low AP signal level. Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas provide valuable extra degrees in elevation beam width, shrinking the null zone while preserving increased gain for long range performance.



TwistPortTM Connector

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas feature our industry-changing TwistPortTM connector, a patent-pending quick-locking waveguide port. TwistPortTM is virtually lossless: there are no coaxial connectors or cables that attenuate signal. Connecting radios is ingeniously simple - “twist and lock” - with a single hand!



Built Like a Tank

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas have solid aluminium body, built to last and resist any weather conditions. We use the most suitable materials: die cast, stamped and extruded aluminium; stainless steel, high quality ABS plastic and high density polyethylene.


30° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna HG3-TP-A20-30


Frequency Range: 5180 - 6000 MHz
Gain: 20.5 dBi
Azimuth Beam Width -6 dB: H 30° / V 30°
Elevation Beam Width -6 dB: H 20° / V 20°
Mechanical Adjustment: ± 25° Elevation, ± 20° Azimuth
Pole Mounting Diameter: 22 - 80 mm

Technical Specs / Datasheet - 30° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna HG3-TP-A20-30
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RF Elements 30° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna HG3-TP-A20-30
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