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RF Elements Symmetrical Horn SH-TP-5-90

Brand: RF Elements
Model: SH-TP-5-90
EAN/UPC: 8588006459067
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The Next Generation Sector Antenna

Symmetrical Sectors are scalar horn antennas with symmetrical beam radiation pattern and industry changing TwistPortTM connector. Symmetrical Sectors offer perfect blend of features that solve the major weak points of current mainstream Sector antenna technology.

Unique Beam Performance

Traditional Sector antennas radiate very wide but very flat beam, with plenty of unwanted side lobes, that even change with frequency. Such beam performance is source to low noise immunity, co-location interference and null fill issues.

Symmetrical Sectors are low loss scalar horn antennas with unique beam shape and characteristics. Their beam section is circular: azimuth and elevation radiation angles are identical. The beam pattern does not vary with frequency and antenna gain is balanced over a wide frequency range. These features make them excellent for use as Sector antennas.

Coverage Without Null

Mainstream sector antennas have very wide radiation pattern in azimuth, but very flat in elevation cut. Therefore, their coverage pattern has specific shape. If AP is too high, customers that are too close, suffer from low AP signal. The darkest spot is under the candle.

Symmetrical Sectors radiate the symmetrical, circularly shaped beam of signal, very similar to a simple torchlight. Because of its unique radiation pattern, when antenna is directed towards the ground, it covers also nearby areas much easier than mainstream sector antennas.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - Symmetrical Horn SH-TP-5-90 User Guide - Symmetrical Horn SH-TP-5-90
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RF Elements Symmetrical Horn SH-TP-5-90
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