JARFT 4G LTE 12dBi Omni Antenna 800-2600MHz
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OEM JARFT 4G LTE 12dBi Omni Antenna 800-2600MHz (ART5949)

Brand: OEM
Model: ART5949
EAN/UPC: 0708747438420
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JARFT J4GMB-12-OMOA - 12dBi Multiband 4G Omni Antenna, MIMO, Outdoor 

This powerful omnidirectional multiband 4G antenna is designed for 800MHz (2G/4G), 1800MHz (3G/4G) and 2600MHz (4G) frequency band and therefore compatible to 4G services of various 4G providers. Using this multiband 4G antenna improves your 4G / LTE connection.

The 4G technology (also referred to as LTE) provides enormously high speeds of wireless data transmission. However, as is so common in wireless networks, there are areas which are not very well covered with the 4G signal by the common providers which will cause a bad 4G connection and a poor datarate. Using this high gain 4G omnidirectional antenna can solve these kinds of problems.

This 4G directional multi band antenna and with its gain of up to 12dBi will help you to get a stable 4G connection, even on high distances. Due to the signal amplification, the signal strength, signal stability and transfer rate improves very clearly.

The 4G directional antenna requires an external antenna connector on your 4G router. The common commercial 4G routers offer such an external antenna connection as SMA connector (standard).

Compatible 4G Routers with external SMA female antenna port: 

  • Telekom Speedport LTE, Speedport LTE II
  • Telekom Speedbox LTE, SpeedBox LTE II, SpeedBox LTE III
  • Telekom Speedport Hybrid
  • Vodafone Easybox 904 LTE
  • Vodafone B1000, B2000, B3000
  • Vodafone LTE-Modem
  • Vodafone LTE-Turbobox LG FM300
  • O2 LTE Router
  • FritzBox LTE- Router (except FritzBox LTE 6842)
  • D-Link DWR-921
  • Huawei B390, B593, B890
  • Huawei E5186
  • Huawei B525s-23a
  • Teltonika RUT240, RUT550, RUT950, RUT955
  • Many more...


The enclosure of this multiband 4G antenna is manufactured from robust, weather-resistant and UV-resistant plastic / PVC. This allows to use this 4G antenna for in- and outdoor appliances even under extreme weather conditions.

Technical Data:


Manufacturer: JARFT
Model: J4GMB-12-OMOA
Type of Antenna: Omnidirectional 4G Antenna (2x2 MIMO)
Gain: 8dBi @ 800 MHz 
12dBi @ 1800MHz
12dBi @ 2600MHz
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Frequency: 791-862 MHz (2G, 4G)
1700 - 2100 MHz (3G, 4G) 
2500 - 2700 (4G)
VSWR: max. 1.8
Ground: DC-Ground
Beam Width: 360° Horizontal - 20° Vertical
Connector: 2 x N female
Appliance: In- and Outdoor
Operating Temperature: -30° to 75° C
Dimensions: 24.8cm (height) x 18cm (width) x 5,5 cm (depth))
Weight: 400g
Color: White
Application Outdoor
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OEM JARFT 4G LTE 12dBi Omni Antenna 800-2600MHz (ART5949)
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